What’s New in LIQUENT InSight®

November 12, 2018 James Linnington


What’s New in LIQUENT InSight®

Learn about the latest developments and capabilities available in LIQUENT InSight®, the only end-to-end integrated Regulatory Information Management (RIM) platform delivering powerful submission planning, publishing, viewing, and registration management that supports the entire lifespan of your products.

InSight 6.2

The latest release of LIQUENT Insight includes many new updates to enhance integrations and productivity of your regulatory workflows, including updated versions of:

  • LIQUENT InSight Rendering 4.4
  • LIQUENT SmartLink for PDF 1.8
  • LIQUENT SmartLink for Word 1.8

InSight API

The all-new application programming interface (API) for integration with external systems enables access to data within LIQUENT InSight and performing actions such as create, read, update, and delete. New platform components can integrate with the LIQUENT InSight API, and will observe authentication and authorization rules.

OpenText Documentum D2 Integration

The new LIQUENT InSight integration with OpenText Documentum D2 provides the ability to automatically populate Form and Dictionary data in D2. The integration provides for a single authoritative source of truth and reduces manually data entry.

New Assembly Tree

With LIQUENT InSight® 6.2 the transition to the new Assembly Tree has been completed (the legacy tree will no longer be available). This discontinues support of the drag-and-drop node assignments between Assemblies opened in separate browser windows. Instead, the Import Assembly wizard should be used to copy content between different assemblies.

Additional new Assembly Tree functionality includes:

Select non-consecutive multiple content nodes in the assembly tree and delete them with one click:


Improved usability advanced assembly tree filtering and usability enhancements:

Global Project Plan Wizard

The Global Project Plan Wizard capabilities have been extended by adding support for several new process flows, including:

  • Add Manufacturing Process
  • Add Manufacturing Process Step Function
  • Add Material
  • Add Substance
  • Modify Active Ingredient
  • Modify Manufacturing Process Step
  • Modify Manufacturing Process Step Function
  • Modify Material
  • Modify Packaging for Package Set
  • Modify Substance
  • Withdraw Material
  • Withdraw Substance
  • Replace Manufacturing Process Step Function

SPOR Integration

To support the integration with EMA OMS and RMS API, to enable adding the controlled vocabulary for organizations and referentials data from the external system, and to enable the authentication between LIQUENT InSight system and SPOR API client, LIQUENT InSight 6.2 provides the ability to enable and configure the SPOR services.

Withdraw Country

Improved flexibility of Withdraw Country options with several new enhancements.


LIQUENT InSight 6.2 includes enhancements to the optional LIQUENT InSight Workflow Integration module to provide support for the XEVMPD entities. This release provides the ability to configure a workflow XML file to create and update the following entities:

  • Active Ingredient
  • Component
  • FPP Previous EV Code
  • Full Product Presentation
  • PDS Details: Active Ingredient
  • PDS Details: Flu Strain
  • PDS Details: Indication
  • PDS Details: Indication/Intended Use
  • PDS Details: Package Set
  • PDS Details: Reference Strain
  • PDS Details: Substance
  • Pharmaceutical Product
  • Product
  • Product Family
  • Reference Active Ingredient
  • Registration Attachment
  • Registration FPP Attachment




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