Overcoming Data Capture And Management Challenges

There can often be many challenges to be faced when capturing and managing clinical trial data. Increasingly clinical trials are making the move to EDC software and replacing paper records with electronic records.  Sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), and sites have adopted EDC systems to carry out both simple and complex trials in all phases of research.   Finding a system that allows you to have timely availability of a data capture framework prior to first patient in can be difficult.  Other challenges like leveraging real-time clinical data and achieving cost effective data capture also play a large part in Clinical Data Management.

These common issues have led to the development and implementation of a robust technology platform and infrastructure that is capable of supporting large trials.  It has also allowed a rapid study-build process with design specification generation.  PAREXEL’s DataLabs® EDC closely integrates with Data-Driven Monitoring to revolutionize data management and improve study oversight.

DataLabs® EDC has multiple benefits to businesses.  Budgets can be driven down, reducing monitoring costs while enhancing quality.  Better informed decisions can be made faster, accelerating clinical trial development times.  Data can be turned into knowledge and therefore improving compliance.  The right balance of people, expertise, process and technology enable a greater focus on your core competencies; with clinical trials moving from “transactional” to “transformational”.

Focused on simplifying workflows and delivering a superior user experience, PAREXEL’s advanced EDC helps streamline the entire process from starting study design all the way to the collection, management and reporting of clinical trial data.  Unlike most EDC systems, DataLabs® is delivered through the cloud, allowing customers to benefit from rapid and efficient EDC (Electronic Data Capture) deployment without high upfront costs, system investment or on-going maintenance issues. The DataLabs® EDC solution means total flexibility and ease-of-use for customers of all types and sizes.

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Eric HolmanProduct Marketing Director, Platform Solutions 
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