August 3, 2017 Eric Holman

By any measure, mergers and acquisitions within the biopharmaceutical industry continue to increase at an accelerated pace.  Among the factors driving this activity are:

        Declining R&D productivity
        Downward pressure on pricing
        Blockbuster drug patent expirations
        Focused therapeutic investment
        Shareholder pressure
While M&A activity can provide a variety of significant benefits, such transactions have a well-earned reputation for causing headaches for all involved parties.  From an outsider’s perspective, the work that goes into negotiating the transaction and securing regulatory approval would be the most challenging part of the transaction.  In fact, that is only the beginning.  Merging two companies with completely different cultures, technology systems and processes can make or break even the best intended deal.   Throw in the complexities inherent in the pharmaceutical industry – securely managing clinical data, regulatory oversight and aggressive R&D goals, and it quickly becomes apparent that the heavy lifting has only begun.
A successful acquisition integration requires a comprehensive approach to people, process and technology.  PAREXEL’s Asset Transfer Service leverages our expertise across clinical, regulatory and technology to ensure business goals are met as efficiently as possible.  Key benefits include:
        Accelerated ROI by providing efficiencies throughout the integration process
        Reduced risk associated with complex M&A integrations
        Ensure alignment between clinical, technological and business stakeholders
        Lower costs and increase maintainability by moving studies and related data to an optimized technology platform
Through our best-practice approach supporting some of the largest sponsors in the industry, PAREXEL is uniquely qualified to transfer clinical assets between organizations while mitigating the risk inherent with such complex transactions.  To learn more, read the Asset Transfer datasheet  and continue the discussion on Twitter.
Eric Holman, Product Marketing Director, Platform Solutions
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