Active Tracking is Out to Reduce Sites' Workload

August 3, 2017 Chiranth Hulgur

Today, many more medicines need a temperature-controlled supply chain to maintain product integrity in transport, including 75% of biological drugs, 10–15% of small molecule therapies, all vaccines, and most biologic samples and diagnostic tools. Temperature deviations and shipment delays can impact patient safety, create patient retention issues, and increase costs.

Supported by the PAREXEL Clinical Trial Supply & Logistics global network, our Active Tracking service uses supply chain monitoring technology to detect shipment delays and diversions, temperature deviations, and more. Integrated with our ClinPhone® RTSM Interactive Response Technology (IRT), temperature and location data is monitored in near real-time automatically, enabling automated preventive or remedial actions to simplify temperature management for sites.


1. Temperature reports are easily accessible through system – no PDF download needed.

2. No waiting for quarantine decisions – site can immediately know via IRT.

3. Data loggers are reusable, so disposal of data loggers is not a problem anymore.

4. Temperature excursions in shipment are identified instantly, reducing re-supply time.

5. Simplified use: Site’s only step is to stop the data logger and note its indicator behavior.

6. Less confusion, as data logger indicators are now differentiated clearly by purpose.

7. Shipment locations are traceable, so site can prep for timely receipt of shipment.

8. Risk of data loss is reduced as the data is transmitted to a cloud server regularly.

9. Increases the security and safety of your products.

10. Data logger configuration problems can be fixed in transport via our 24/7 Help Desk.

With Active Tracking, managing temperature controlled shipments is just 5 steps: Receive Shipment, Unpack Shipment, Store Shipment Contents in recommended temperature, Stop the Data Logger, and Confirm Receipt in IRT. It’s that clear, that simple, and all backed up by easy-to-use PAREXEL systems. See more at

Chiranth Hulgur Clinical Supply Specialist, Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics
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