HORIZONS: Digitally Transforming The Biopharmaceutical Industry

Digitally Transforming The Biopharmaceutical Industry

HORIZONS 2018 brought together PAREXEL clients and users, along with other industry leaders, in an educational setting to engage in transformative conversations about how today's innovations are evolving clinical development and regulatory affairs.

This year's event in Washington D.C. brought together 38 presenters in 25 engaging sessions.  Several PAREXEL business leaders, including Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer Peyton Howell and Chief Information Officer Doug Barta, framed the landscape of today’s changing industry dynamic and how partnerships are more important than ever to navigate the journey of digital transformation.  They were joined by our partners from Microsoft and Qualcomm Life, who spotlighted real-life stories and examples of how technology advancements are being applied today to benefit healthcare and clinical research.


Active Client Participation

Of course, the most important aspect of HORIZONS involved inviting clients to share their own experiences and thought leadership with each other.

This year’s event featured 11 client presentations, including two from Allergan sharing their experiences with their own digital-transformation shift and the importance of ongoing engagement with solution providers to ensure long-term success.   "It's not just buying from a vendor, but partnering," noted Sara Luijpers, Vice President of Drug Development Operations at Allergan.

Speakers from Pfizer discussed a different, but equally important aspect of digital transformation - the importance of user feedback and how letting users have a voice leads to greater transparency and alignment, and in the end a higher level of acceptance.  The speakers concluded with two findings that should be heeded by all companies seeking to increase technology acceptance and eliminate inefficiencies:

  •          Seeking user feedback is not a one-time exercise, but an ongoing conversation.
  •          Transparency and engagement at all levels is paramount.

We were also fortunate this year to be joined by a representative of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Linda Ricci. Linda is Associate Director of Digital Health within the FDA Office of Device Evaluation, and she provided an enriching discussion on approaches for implementing innovative technologies into our highly regulated industry.

She also participated in a five-person panel with other speakers from the day. It became a lively discussion about how current initiatives focusing on technology and patients are merging to drive positive industry change.

What’s on the HORIZON?

HORIZONS 2018 marked the culmination of many PAREXEL messages into a single vision, with a strong focus on the future of technology in clinical trials and how it can successfully transform the patient experience. We want to transform regulatory and clinical solutions and bring those most promising innovations to our clients to help you make this a healthier world. If you would like more information or wish to enquire as to how you can be involved with HORIZONS 2019, please contact us at HORIZONS@PAREXEL.com

Speakers Discussing Today's Innovations in Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs










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