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Our Alliance with Microsoft to Deliver Life Sciences’ First Enterprise-Wide Cloud Solution

At PAREXEL, we constantly seek new ways to help biopharmaceutical companies simplify the journey to bringing new therapies to patients sooner. Leveraging technology as it evolves and putting innovation at the forefront of what we do is critical to helping us accomplish this goal. PAREXEL’s latest development in this area is its technology development alliance with Microsoft. To provide more detail about this new alliance and the decision for companies to join forces, PAREXEL Informatics, shared their expert perspective.

Q. Why are PAREXEL and Microsoft joining forces for this life science technology development alliance?

A: It has long been recognized that there is a need for efficiency and innovation in the drug development process. An alliance between PAREXEL and Microsoft is a natural fit, as both PAREXEL and Microsoft are committed to making advancements in this area to benefit the life sciences industry as a whole and help us deliver drugs to patients sooner.

As a global company, it is critical that we engage with technology partners that work in the markets we serve clients every day, and that have a strong commitment to security and regulatory compliance. Microsoft is not only one of the largest technology enterprises in the world, it provides a next-generation cloud solution that is based on a global, secure infrastructure and is compliant with regulatory bodies across the globe.  

Q. What industry demand drove the need for this alliance?

A:  Today, the drug development process is becoming more complex. According to PhRMA, the average time it takes to develop a drug is ten to 15 years, and the average cost is $2.6 billion. As a result, there is a shift toward digital transformation to increase speed and efficiency. Leveraging the cloud will aim to improve study workflow and optimize the use of analytics, providing real value to our customers. We are also seeing individuals take a more active role in their healthcare which necessitates a patient-centric approach to innovation. In addition, the promise of personalized healthcare – held in high regard as the next wave of healthcare – requires tight collaborations across the technology and biopharma communities.

Q. What types of innovative technologies and cloud-based services will PAREXEL and Microsoft develop?

A: The alliance is aimed at developing innovative technologies and cloud-based services to improve the drug development journey, enhance market access and bring drugs to patients faster. This alliance will transform the work being done by life sciences companies with technology-driven services to enhance innovation.

As a first step, the collaboration will focus on moving PAREXEL’s  Informatics technology and services onto Microsoft Azure, making it the preferred secure cloud platform for PAREXEL’s technology offerings.

PAREXEL and Microsoft will also jointly aim to develop innovative, patient-centric technologies and cloud-based services to support clinical research and market access for global life science clients. For example, in addition to enhanced functionality and integrated technology and service solutions, we will also derive valuable customer insights that will drive the development of new technologies.

Q. What does this alliance mean for patients?

A: Drug development relies on the engagement of patients. At PAREXEL, we keep the patient at the center of everything we do. The collaboration between PAREXEL and Microsoft is ultimately designed to help the industry accelerate drug development and bring new therapies to patients sooner. The innovation developed from this alliance will reflect our focus on patient engagement, for example developing patient-centric solutions to make participation in clinical trials more accessible.

Q. How does this fit into PAREXEL’s Connected Journey?

A: PAREXEL’s Connected Journey™ of data-driven services is our integrated network of technology, processes, and expertise designed to deliver critical intelligence supporting clinical development and commercialization.  Powered by PAREXEL® Analytics capabilities, the Connected Journey includes more than 40 innovative data-driven services to expedite drug development. Proven to help biopharmaceutical clients complete clinical trials 22 percent faster than the industry average[1], this integrated network will be further powered by the alliance with Microsoft.

To learn more about the collaboration between PAREXEL and Microsoft, please click here.

[1] KMR Group - Clinical Group, 2015

PAREXEL Informatics

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