Catalyst For Transformation

August 8, 2018 James Linnington


Catalyst for Transformation




The vast storage, computing power, and analytics services now available in the cloud is making it possible to for the entire health ecosystem—researchers, life sciences companies, health payors, health care providers, public health agencies—to benefit from increased access and collaboration with clinical trials. The application of modern technology not only enables easier and faster access to clinical data within a single trial, but also to trusted clinical data across studies as well as real-world evidence, providing the means to bring treatments to market faster.


Everyone will benefit from the faster availability of new therapies, including those optimized for sub-segments of the population. Perhaps most importantly, especially for patients, the savings and learnings generated from transformed clinical trials that incorporate advanced analytics will help accelerate innovation, stimulating new areas of research and new product categories. Data and insights captured during clinical trials will uncover groundbreaking ways to treat illness, inspiring hope and improving health for people everywhere.


A fundamental shift is under way to accelerate this transformation. The legacy tools that life sciences companies use, often patch-worked together from acquisitions, are expensive and inflexible. They don’t look or work alike, and often don’t work together. Cloud technology is the catalyst for this shift, providing reliable and scalable building blocks for advanced software platforms through common services, capabilities, and security.


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